Agent Harrison Court-006, a black-ops spy crisscrosses the globe to exotic locations on a mission to diffuse a deadly plot destined to unleash a super weapon on American cities. A den of spies among us engages in covert operations behind a curtain of espionage and intrigue to eliminate the evil minds that plot destruction. A race of supremacy among world leaders lures the suave, debonair, and dangerous Harrison Court-006 into the arena of international espionage.

 Control of the lethal weapon ultimately decides who the real superpower is, as the players feed their thirst for dominance. Court races against time across Asia and Europe in a mission to discover who the real enemy is before death and destruction wipe out the world’s inhabitants. The US and its adversary launch their devious schemes to jockey for world domination while a long-time opponent joins forces with the victor. When Court discovers his spy-girl has been abducted, a high speed, perilous car chase ensues that exposes DaSage, a rogue ex-CIA agent, as a pivotal player in advancing the ambitions of foreign antagonists to turn the war machine.

 Harrison Court is faced with the dilemma to decipher their true intentions and uncovers the fallout of uncertainty, chaos, and mayhem of a Stars Wars-like weapon that wields unimaginable might. DaSage’s secret has monumental consequence to those who will utilize whatever means necessary to obtain it. Agent Court must decode a target list of cities the defense system will destroy and stop its genius of annihilation before it’s too late. 006 is the only man for the mission to conquer the evils of the world in their schemes for power and revenge and defeat the phantom of silent gravity before history is altered forever.

Paperback-6 x 9, 266 pages

ISBN: 978-0-615-29433-9

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